More than just an 'outsourced'Service.

We work with you not against you.

We want to ensure that we are business and value-aligned! This is why we ask for a free 30-minute strategy call. We want to grow with you and scale your business just like an employee without the price tag. 



Business is a lonely journey and often very costly. Business owners often get their employees to do tasks which they are not trained in such as sales, which not only provides a negative result but also causes a negative response in the employee dynamic. The other option which owners face is giving up and doing these tasks which they don't enjoy, just to ensure the job gets done. 
We want to help you gain back your flexibility and help you grow your business. We don't want you to think of us as an outsourced service, but more as an extension of your team, and get the results which you deserve. 


Laura Ridley, Founder of The Checklist DIY and managing director of Funspace PTY LTD, has been working with businesses in particular new startups and studio fitness owners to scale their business and assist in gaining back their flexibility. 
The Checklist DIY team are some of the best and most qualified sales and marketing professional which have experience in specific industries. We match your needs with a professional to ensure that you are getting results and learning throughout the process.


We organise a strategy call with you to first decide on what your needs, wants and aim is for your business. We serve many businesses and different services, and this is why we tailor each package to meet your needs. 
We are an ALL-IN-ONE service in sales and marketing which provides


We also have our very own CRM and Marketing software to do it all so you don't have to subscribe to 3-6 different platforms. Convenience and flexibility is what we believe in. 


12rnd Strathpine QLD

Laura has recently started working with myself at my new club. She has so far worked to improve our marketing integrations and providing us sales support. Previous businesses we have worked for would make regular mistake and not try and fix them, however Laura is always one step ahead. She shows a large amount of interest, dedication and motivation to hit targets no matter what. I am looking forward to what the future has on offer. Thank you Laura

12RND Brookvale NSW

We got Laura on board to help with the sales and backend of marketing. She uses her own CRM to ensure nothing gets slipped through the cracks, with all automation set up. Due to COVID, we needed help to increase our member and re-engage our community. Although we have only just started working with Laura, we are looking forward to using her with many more of our projects. 

Kids Academy Boxing NSW

We are about to launch a kids boxing studio in the northern beaches of Sydney. We got Laura on board as we needed help setting up the right sales and marketing strategies. She is always eager to help and strives for us to keep pushing. Laura has experience in not only the fitness industry but also owns her own children's entertainment company which is also what attracted us to work with her. We can't wait to launch our studio and bring her in as a long term partnership.