Do it yourself

Let us teach you and mentor you throughout the process. 

The Do It with You service is all about us setting up the correct processes and then training you through video content and workshops every month to ensure you are on the right track. This is a budget-friendly option and one which we recommend if you are wanting to learn before handing the task to someone else. 

Many of our clients may choose this package for the first 3 months, before heading in the direction a do it for you or do it with you service. We want our managers or owners to understand the process to learn realistic outcomes and results. We want to show you value. 

We tailor every package to your business needs and can also combine packages from other 'Do it with you and Do it for you service'. 


Sales Coaching - 1.5 hr week

Script Creation

Email and Text Template 

Strategy Session and Adaptation every quarter

Office Space

Setting up automation - one off

Facebook Campaign Management workshop and set up one off

Social Media workshop and training 

Business Mentor and Coaching Service

Landing Page Set Up for campaign and training - one off