Do it with you service

Let us be apart of your extended team.

The Do It with You service is a combination of us teaching you what and how to do it, but being there to support you throughout the process. We want you to think of us as apart of your team which you can ask for help and assistance in setting up the foundations. 

This is our middle package. Many of our clients may choose this package for the first 3-6 months, before heading in the direction of DIY. 

We tailor every package to your business needs and can also combine packages from other 'DIY and Do it for you service'. 


Team Talk

Sales Coaching and Mentoring

Script Creation

Email and Text Template 

Monday - Friday Sales Support

Strategy Session and Adaptation every quarter

Setting up automation every quarter

Facebook Campaign Management every quarter

Social Media Scheduler set up each week
Templates and Recommended  

Facebook Campaign Management every quarter

Landing Page Set Up for campaign